Asriel Holdings promotes several brands that the company believes in for maintaining consistent quality, giving the customer premium chocolate products, cocoa powders, canola oil, premium dairy products and flavors

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Food is a way for us to explore the world, different cultures and lives all the while sitting in comfort at our dining table. Among the variety of food available to tempt our plate, desserts occupy a prominent place. Hoteliers, outdoor cafes, restaurants and home bakers are continuously inventing and improving upon desserts recipes, creating a hype among consumers in search of the perfect dessert. The success of these recipes and their creations largely rest on the quality of the ingredients used by the chef during the preparation.

While the consumer receives the completed product, the journey from the kitchen the consumer table can be fascinating tale. With their tag line reading ‘Contributing to your success’, Asriel Holdings is a company that sells premium food ingredients to the hoteliers, outdoor cafes, restaurants and home bakers.

Asriel Holdings promotes several brands that the company believes in for maintaining consistent quality, giving the customer premium chocolate products, cocoa powders, canola oil, premium dairy products and flavors.

Asriel Holdings has introduced a Sri Lankan company, Anods Cocoa which offers premium chocolate chips, blocks, buttons, coatings and fillings that are used by hotels, confectioners, ice cream producers and bakers. The company manufactures both compound and coverture chocolate, using premium ingredients, importing cocoa powder from the finest cocoa fields in Ghana, milk powder from the pristine pastures in Australia and New Zeeland  and premium A grade sugar from Thailand. Furthermore, as it is a local company with a factory located in Pugoda.

Anods Cocoa is easily able to supply premium chocolate products to the customers. Collaborating with the research and development team at Anods Cocoa, the customer can also work in tandem to create a specific product suited to his needs within a short period of time.

In addition to the chocolate products, Asriel Holdings is also selling cocoa powder, imported from Ghana. While these products are largely catered to the food industry, Asriel Holdings has also launched a range of flavors targeting the tea industry. Instantina is a range of natural fruit-blend granulated flavors imported from UK based company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Instantina Ltd offers a combination of granulated flavors using real fruits, herbs and spices at a competitive price. Under the same brand, Asriel Holdings will also offer fruit-blend tablets which contain real fruits, herbs and spices. The tablet has been designed to convenient and consumers can simply add the table to hot water to get the desired flavor.

With our core values revolving around responsible decision making that would contribute environmental conservation and never compromising on business ethics, Asriel Holdings is prepared to anticipate, identify and satisfy customer needs by introducing them to trusted brands.

Core Values
Never compromise on our values and business ethics for short term gains. Engage in responsible decision making that will contribute in conserving our environment for the next generation.
Our Vision
To become the market leader at connecting people with brands that we believe in.
Our Mission
Anticipate ,Identify ,Satisfy customer needs by introducing them to trusted brands.
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