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A Spark of Passion Ignited Into a Rewarding Profession

Playing a huge role in contributing to the success of the food industry in Sri Lanka, Shiran Peiris, Chairman of Asriel Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd. takes the initiative in making dreams a reality, with his wife, Dimuthu Peiris, by his side. Shiran’s fervent personality and zeal for success strike to serve as the core reasons behind reaching heights and staying ahead in business. Shiran’s hands-on experience in trading began when he took over Collins Impex (Pvt.) Ltd, his father-in-law’s family trading company, post marriage. Shiran mentioned, “I was running that for a year, and I was able to grow the sales volume substantially, and with that, the profitability had also increased.” Moreover, taking into account his wife’s rare knowledge as a chocolatier, it was during his time at this company that the couple’s innovative chocolate factory idea unfolded.

From McDonald’s and Burger King to Biscuit Manufacturers, Cargills, and Elephant House Ice Cream to places such as Cinnamon Grand, almost 90% of the food industry is known to use the chocolate from Anods Cocoa in their products, including home bakers! Anods Cocoa now successfully exports to over 16 countries worldwide and has also gotten into the retail business. Although Shiran and Dimuthu initially started off with chocolate, which without doubt remains their top product, they now act as a “total solution provider for the cooking industry.” Shiran’s next venture was into the restaurant industry, which began with the couple’s “must stop” eating spot, Chariot.The two fondly recall memories of dining there together often after Shiran’s cricket matches. Rising to the opportunity of taking over the top USR brand in the 1980s that was preferred and well-established, Shiran and Dimuthu bought Chariot in 2019.

Dimuthu confesses to learning a great deal from Shiran. At the same time, Shiran, who calls Dimuthu a “passionate foodie” in sweets over savoury, proudly expresses his wife’s unique knowledge as a critical factor in turning their passion into an ever-growing profession. Shiran and Dimuthu have each other’s backs in the good and bad times, reaching prosperous heights as one since the beginning of time. Shiran and Dimuthu focus on being creative and intelligent amidst the exigent demands thrown their way. They look forward to much more shared procurement in their extended journey as life and business partners.